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Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Integrating Wordly Into A Glisser Session Or Event

If you would like to test Wordly ahead of purchasing, they have a Try-It-Now Feature. This will provide you with 20 free minutes to trial Wordly.
If you would like more information on Wordly and to find out more information on how it works please see our support article here.

Setting Up Your Wordly Presentation

There are a couple of options for integrating wordly into Glisser dependent upon the type of event you are running and the level of technical support you have available. For the virtual/ hybrid set up, we recommend consulting with the wordly team team directly; they’ll be able to assist you and your AV/streaming team in synching up your livestream(s) with the Wordly application, they’ll also provide you with a code that needs embedding into Glisser (see image below).

If you are running a live event and/ or do not have the technical support capacity of an AV team, you’ll need to start by gaining access to the wordly app. You can sign up for a free trial/ gain app access here!

  • Once you have downloaded the app, go ahead and follow the instructions below to set up a translation session straight from your mobile/ audio device!
  • Click Add Session if you are planning to use Wordly at a different date, and fill out the details of that session – If you have added a number of sessions your home page will look similar to the below image.
  • Click on any of the saved sessions to view the details.
  • Once you click Present to begin a new session to present immediately, you will be taken to a page where you are able to view all of your Wordly presentations, seen below.
  • After hitting Present Now take note of the Code on the next screen. You will need to write this code into Glisser to embed Wordly into your Glisser presentation.
  • Once you have hit Start you can now speak into the microphone and Wordly will start transcribing your words that will then be translated when your attendees select a language within Glisser.
  • Wordly transcription will NOT work if you are attempting to use your phone’s speakers or microphone for any other purpose while you are using Wordly.
  • If you would like to pause the subtitles/translation in your Glisser presentation, hit the microphone option in the bottom left corner of your screen. If you would like to End your worldly presentation, hit the End button in the center.
Embedding your Wordly code into Glisser
  • Once you log in and are in your Session Dashboard within Glisser, click the session you would like to embed Wordly into. Then, click Edit Session on the right hand side of your screen.
  • Once you are in the Edit portion of your Glisser presentation, maneuver to the Interaction Settings on the right hand side of your screen. There will be a toggle labeled Subtitles And Translation. Turn this ON to copy the code into your Glisser presentation.
  • Once ON, a new text box will appear, asking you for your Wordly.Ai Presentation ID here, you will input the eight digit code with a dash noted in the prior section. After this is copied into your session, you can exit your session and save changes by hitting Close.
  • After hitting close and clicking on your session, click Live Control Panel to access the live control green room. Once you are ready to launch your presentation and begin presenting to your audience click on GO LIVE.
Setting up Wordly for Glisser Stream (Broadcast)

When using Wordly in Glisser Stream, you will need to follow the above steps in regards to setting up your session, adding this into Glisser, and making it live.

Below are the key differences that you will need to consider, however:

  • Once you have created a session you must select Streaming Shortcuts.
  • You must copy the Key information which will be added to Glisser.
  • Head over to Glisser and copy in your Key information under Subtitles And Translation.
  • Turn on Live Streaming and ensure you set it to Live Broadcast, Glisser Stream.
    Please note: Video Conference, Glisser Stream is not currently supported.
  • Once you GO LIVE, you do not need to worry about having a separate device to listen to the audio. The audio will be picked up directly from your live control page.
Audience View of Wordly within Glisser
  • Once you have hit GO LIVE, audience members will be able to login and see your Glisser presentation. When an audience member clicks on the Subtitles tab in the top right, he or she will now be able to see your Wordly Presentation.
  • To translate your Wordly presentation into the language of their choosing, all an attendee has to do is click on the Globe icon in the bottom right of his or her screen for a side-bar to appear with several languages to select from.
  • Once an attendee has selected a language, Worldly will begin translating your presentation for an attendee in real time on the right, as seen above.

See our introduction to Wordly and additional support article here.

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