Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Presenters can collect data from their event in real-time to better understand their audience through different means including Q&A, live polling, and feedback questions.

Engagement Index

Using the data, the presenter can monitor and measure audience response using an in built engagement index. With this tool, presenters can not only measure participation from the audience, but attendance also, which can be used to determine the quality of data.

Glisser’s Engagement Index uses a secret algorithm to convert multiple forms of delegate participation into a single score out of 100. Use this to compare engagement levels across individuals, presentations and events.
Please note – A score of 100 can only be achieved if every possible tool for engagement is utilised.


The presenter can see how each participant has interacted with the session. You will be able to see how many questions the participant has asked, the number of slides they liked and whether they downloaded the slides. The data gathered from them generates an engagement score. By selecting the participants tab, the presenter is able to view every participant’s activity. This provides the presenter with valuable information, as all is recorded live at the event.

Individual participant data can be deleted from each of your sessions if you would like to remove staff members for example from the data set. This will remove all of the data associated with that participant.

If you run a session or event using Attendee-2-Attendee connectivity, you will be able to access participant information for verified attendees.

Click on their identifier email to access their profile:


On the Q&A panel, it is possible to not only see the questions asked, but to see who’s asked the question and how many upvotes that questions received. This can be valuable for providing responses to any questions which were not answered during the event.


To view the responses to the polls, the presenter can select the polls tab. Here you can view the poll type and the number of responses. Additionally, the presenter can select the question, and view the answers in a simple pictorial format. Here you can also view the percentage of participants that selected each answer.

Advanced Poll Analytics

If you are using the Close Poll functionality you can now see which attendees missed polls due to closure, or if they chose to skip the polls. 


Social includes the number of tweets that were received during your event. You may click on this to be redirected to Twitter.

For more information please see our support article on exporting your analytics.


If you used Glisser Stream Broadcast or Glisser Stream RTMP for your event or session, you can access the recordings for these within the Streams tab.
Your videos will be available for 14 days so please ensure that you download these once your event has ended.

  • Click on the Streams tab:
  • Click on the relevant session, and a sidebar will appear on the right-hand side:
  • Your recordings will be listed underneath the Refresh Token button. Click on your chosen recording, and a new tab will open playing the recording.
  • Hover to the bottom-right corner of the video and click the 3 Dots. You can then choose to Download the video to your device:

For additional information please refer to our guide on accessing your event analytics.
For additional information please refer to our guide on exporting analytics data.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?