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Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Entry-Listing Your Event

Entry listing your Glisser Event is an extra security measure allowing event organizers to limit who can and cannot gain entry into their event, on an individual, or domain level basis.

To entry list your attendees means to allow your attendees access to the event; those not added to the entry list will simply get a red notification saying “You’re not allowed” and won’t allow them access to the event.

You will find the entry list feature in the Data Security section of your event settings on the right-hand side of the screen.

How to entry list your event:
  • Within the Data Security settings, you must ensure that your ID capture is set to email address, unique ID or social.
  • From the pop up you can then Enable Entry List.
  • If you are importing a registration list from an approved third party please see our additional guidance.
  • When adding your entry list, text can be manually entered or copied and pasted. Please be careful not to have commas, full-stops, or special characters between the email addresses when pasting more than one email.
  • You can also add entire domains to the entry list, by adding the domain to the lower box.
  • You can also search for specific emails to ensure they’ve successfully been added. Besides each email, you’ll see an orange circle with an “X”, where you can delete individual emails from the entry list.
    Please note: you can upload both domains and individuals to your entry list.

Additional settings refer to the number of times delegates can access your event.

If your event is run as a session in Glisser, then your entry list can not be amended once your session is live. You may at any time edit or update your entry list for an event; however, those who already have access, will not automatically be kicked out if you remove them from the entry list.

Additional settings:

Here you will find the section max connection per attendee. This determines how many times a delegate can sign in using their email address.
If you want to set a limit, we recommend setting this to 3 to account for delegates who sign in on multiple devices.

  • The maximum connection is pre-set to 0. This allows delegates to have unlimited access using their email.
  • Changing the number of maximum connections per delegate will ensure that if they reach their maximum connection limit, then they are no longer able to access unless the cap has been reset.

If your attendees try to log in using an email address, social or unique ID that you have not loaded into the entry list, they will be presented with the below page. They would just need to click Try Again and re-enter the correct details.

If you start presenting an event, and any of your attendees have reached the maximum attempts to log into the event, you can always reset the attempts by pressing the reset cap. This can only be used during an ‘event’ in Glisser.

  • This will reset all your attendees’ connection attempts back to the initial number of attempts.
  • When clicking on the reset cap button, the date and time will appear (in GMT time) so you’ll know the last time this has been reset.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

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How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?