Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Audience Polling

Audience polling is a great way to both engage the audience and provide yourself with insightful analytics post-event. With Glisser, usability is key and it’s easy to add a range of polls into your presentation.

Many presenters will ask a question at the beginning of the presentation and then see if the audience’s opinion on the subject has been changed by the end of the presentation by asking the same question again.
For information on presenting your polls, please see this support article.

To add a poll to your presentation, log into your Glisser account, go to the sessions tab and select the presentation you wish to add polls into. At the top of the page; click the orange button titled Add Content to see a list of the polls you can add to the presentation.

As well as adding a new poll, you also have the option to Import from Existing meaning a poll you have previously created in any session can be imported into the current session you are working on. Once imported, all the fields will automatically fill, however, fields can then be edited.

If you have a large number of Polls, you can use the Search or Sort by function to show only relevant Polls.  They can be ordered by Starred, Type, Recent, Oldest, Questions A-Z or Questions Z-A. 

By default, all polls will have the Allow poll to be closed option selected. Closing a poll ensures that no more poll votes will be submitted during your live session. To turn this off, simply uncheck this option.

When presenting live, you will have the option to close a poll manually to prevent the audience from taking too long to answer a question. If clicked by accident the poll can be reopened again.

When creating a Poll, if you know you are likely to use it again, you can use the Star functionality to save it for later. This star option can be found beneath the Options when creating a new Poll.

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are a great way of gauging the audience’s thoughts on a topic, or they can be used as an ice-breaker question for a fun way to make sure the audience is familiar with Glisser at the start of the presentation.

To add an opinion poll, select Opinion Poll from the drop-down menu and type in your question. You are able to have up to 60 answers (or eight answers if using the Display Images feature), however, we recommend keeping available answers to a minimum to make the questions quicker to answer.
Please note when using more than 16 answers, delegates will not be able to multi-select, only 1 answer will be allowed. 

  • Display images – Gives the audience image answers to select from rather than text answers. Adding an image to the opinion poll is a great way to introduce the audience to Glisser in the form of an ice-breaker question. Most commonly presenters ask how the audience is feeling and what their commute in was like. This allows the audience to familiarise themselves with using the software. Select Display Image and press the upload button next to the answer to add an image. The image file must be a png or jpeg and a maximum of 2mb.
  • Mandatory question – The audience members must answer the question before they can carry on interacting with the presentation.
  • Multi-select answers – The audience can select more than one of the answers.

If you would like to reorder the answers, simply click on the three horizontal lines next to the corresponding answer and drag it into the desired position.

Quiz Polls

Quiz polls allow delegates to choose answers from the options provided, where their answer(s) will be counted as correct or incorrect.

To add a quiz poll;

  • Select Quiz Poll from the drop-down menu and type in your question, write the question you wish to ask the audience.
  • Under Answer, write different answer choices (To add more than one response, press enter on the keyboard). You can have up to sixteen answer options, however, we recommend keeping it to a minimum, around 4 is best.
  • Indicate the correct answer(s) by clicking the circle to the left for it to turn green, any incorrect answers should have a red circle next to them.
  • Below answers, you have the option to allow delegates to select more than one response. As well as additional options to make a question mandatory, have an image displayed next to it, or allow results to be shared to audiences devices.

The data from these responses will also feed into a leader board where the delegates will be ranked by the number of most correct responses and those who answered the quickest.
To display the leader board during a live presentation press the 6 Hotkey. Read more about the Hotkeys here.

Rating Polls

Rating polls give the audience the opportunity to answer a question in the form of a scaled rating system. The number of stars used in the poll would typically be either five or ten (although can be set to any number between three and ten, at the presenter’s discretion).

Rating polls are often used to get feedback on how beneficial the audience felt the presentation was. A great way to incentivise the audience to answer the feedback question is to mandate it, this ensures they must answer the question to download slides (assuming download slides is turned on).

Free Text Poll

Free Text polls allow the audience to write a personalised response to a question. This is most commonly used to provide more detailed feedback at the end of a session or an event.

Date Picker Poll

The date picker poll is used when the presenter requires the audience to give a specific date as their answer. The format of the date picker poll is similar to the free text poll. Date picker displays to the audience in a way that helps standardize a date format for all attendees, making it especially helpful for international audiences.

To add a date picker poll, select Date Picker from the drop-down menu and type in your question.


Please see our guide on creating a survey here.


Please see our guide on creating an Audience Lottery here.

To watch a video on maintaining audience engagement, click here.

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