Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Audience Lottery

The audience lottery allows the presenter to select and display random users as the winner. This is a great way to incentivize the audience to participate and gamify your presentation, resulting in a winner amongst all of the delegates.

Create Lottery

To add a lottery slide, select Lottery from the Add Content drop-down menu and type in your heading. You are able to have up to 10 individual winners. If you are using the same Lottery over a number of events or sessions, you can use the Star functionality to save the details to use another time. 

You must ensure that you set the ID capture to either email address or unique ID so you can identify the winners.

As well as adding a new lottery, you also have the option to Import from Existing meaning a lottery you have previously created in any session can be imported into the current session you are working on. Once imported, all the fields will automatically fill, however, fields can then be edited. 

Presenting A Lottery

During a presentation, once you reach the lottery slide, the question/prize name will be displayed, indicating the question at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Click the space bar for the email addresses of the participants to be shuffled randomly.

In order to have a winner, press the space bar again. The random shuffling of the participants will stop and display the email address/unique ID of a delegate. If you have ‘share results to audience devices’ turned on, then the results will be displayed on the audience devices.

This process can be repeated to select more than one winner, with no possibility of the same person being selected more than once, as the previous winner is stored.


To access the results of your lottery post-event:

  • Click on Analytics
  • Select the session you want to view the analytics for, and click on View Analytics on the right-hand side
  • Click on Lottery

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