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Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Attendee-2-Attendee (A2A) Connectivity

What is Glisser A2A?

Glisser offers a simple solution with our Attendee-2-Attendee connectivity, enabling attendees to share their LinkedIn Profiles and make connections, prolonging networking beyond your event and allowing attendees to make connections in their own time, not distracting them from your event.

A2A offers a straightforward and effective way for attendees to view profiles and connect with each other in their own time – and only if they want to. It is simple, easy to use and elegantly designed but not over-engineered.

For more sophisticated matchmaking or “AI” driven connections, we integrate with best in breed partners like Grip and Brella.

Watch our 5 minute introduction video here.

Setting up A2A

You will see the ‘Attendee Connections’, below Interaction Settings. Within here there are two settings:

  1. Attendee List
    • From an audience perspective, the Attendee List will show in a new tab called ‘Attendees’, which sits in the banner with Related Links, Q&A, Notes and Download.
    • As the event planner, you can rename this tab to fit in with your event however, if you do, then do let your attendees know where to look for the networking functionality. 
  1. Named Q&A

Toggling each to be orange will turn that feature on, grey will mean it is disabled and once these are enabled in your event build, your attendees then have the ability to make themselves visible or not when they log on.

A2A for Attendees

Once signing in to your event, they’ll be able to create their profile as below for A2A.

Attendees can enter their details and toggle whether they are visible or not to other attendees. All of this information can be amended/edited at any time. 

Once in the session, on the right hand side of the screen they will see an ‘Attendees’ tab. Here attendees can see the list of other attendees who have created their profiles and opted in for others to see it.

Within the list there are a few key things to point out – 

  1. ‘See Profile’ will allow attendees to see other attendees’ profile information and connect via LinkedIn.
  2. There is a search bar to search for specific attendees they’d like to connect with.
  3. The refresh icon, just below the search bar, will update the list of attendees who have opted in to networking for that session. Please note this will not automatically update and so attendees must click this.

Within Q&A, attendees can now ask a named question, or remain anonymous. 

If the attendee has created a profile and is visible within A2A, their name will appear above the question as below.

However, they can appear in A2A and ask anonymous questions. To do this they must turn on the anonymous toggle before asking their question as shown below.

If an attendee does not create a profile, the questions they ask will automatically come from anonymous. However, if they then update their profile to be visible the questions they have asked will update to include their name. 

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?