Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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API Integration: Eventsforce

Our API integration with Eventsforce will allow you to upload your Entry List for your event, into Glisser from Eventsforce, instead of manually uploading your emails one by one.

Step by Step:

To import your emails to your Glisser event, please follow the below steps:

  • Access your Data Security settings, where you’ll need to set the ID Capture to Email Address and access the Manage Entry List window where you will be able to enable the Entry List
  • The Manage Entry List modal will appear, click on it to manage the Entry List and add your Eventsforce email listing.
  • You’ll find the first section called IMPORT EMAIL ADDRESSES FROM THIRD PARTY, click on the drop-down menu and select Eventsforce. By doing so, three other required fields will appear: Account, API Key and Event ID.
  • To get the 3 required fields, you’ll need to access your Eventsforce:
    • Account Name: This can be found on your URL bar and it looks like this: https://www.eventsforce.net/glisser-testing/…, note that the account name would be “glisser-testing” in this case (Note: the Account name can be one or more words, depending on your account).
      Copy this and paste it on the Account section on Glisser.
  • API Key: To retrieve the API Key for your event from Eventsforce, click on Settings, and within the drop-down menu, click on Security,  and Users.

Select your user (will be highlighted in orange) and click on the edit button on the far right column. This will take you to the below window with your User Details.

You’ll see an API Key section, copy the content from that section (should be a combination of capital letters and numbers), and paste this on the API Key section on Glisser.

  • Event ID: the event ID is located on the left column on your Events section within Eventsforce. To access your events, click on Events, on the top right corner and on Show all events. To choose your Event ID, you’ll need to make sure you have API Access – event group access on your Event Access Group column within your events, as per below:

Paste the Event ID on the Event ID section on Glisser.

  • Once all your details are ready on Glisser, click on IMPORT to import your email registration list. By doing so, all the emails on the registration will appear on the MANUALLY ADD EMAIL ADDRESS TO Entry List section.
  • Click on ADD to move your email list registration to your Entry List, and don’t forget to press SAVE to save your Entry List registration!
Things to note:
  • If you require to use a different registration platform than Eventsforce, please let us know and we’ll look into it for you.
  • There might be an extra charge from your chosen registration platform end, which is independent of any charge from Glisser. Please consult this with your registration platform provider.

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How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?