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Who is Teachology?

Teachology specialises in education, producing high-level conferences and training courses for teachers and senior leaders within schools.

Teachology and Glisser

When the pandemic started in 2020, Teachology found themselves in need of a digital platform to host their teacher training events. Chris McPhee explains how Glisser has since enabled them to reach new audiences.

Chris McPhee

Chris McPhee

Marketing Manager

“We needed a platform that would showcase the value of our courses.”

When the pandemic started in 2020, Teachology found themselves in need of a digital platform to host their teacher training events. Delivering them in a live, interactive format was important to ensure they continued to provide the most valuable experience possible.

They needed a fully customisable platform that would showcase their brand, the flexibility of hybrid options for speakers and attendees, as well as high quality technical support. They chose a package with Glisser and etc.venues to deliver a series of successful hybrid events.

“Hybrid events help us attract larger audiences – we’re no longer restricted by physical space.”

Offering hybrid events gives delegates more flexibility. Chris McPhee, Marketing Manager at Teachology explains how Glisser has enabled them to reach new audiences:

“Previously we’ve been quite restricted by numbers – even some of the larger rooms only allow for a certain number of desks and chairs, so our most popular events have often sold out. Using Glisser means we can have an unlimited number of online attendees, and we’ve seen delegates being able to attend from much further away.”

They found that offering virtual attendance as an option has enabled them to offer different pricing levels and they’ve also seen a reduction in cancellations. Chris explains: “If things change and too many staff are off at the same time they can’t attend in-person. But often they can still login to an event from the office, as long as they have a management presence in the school.”

“A very slick process.”

Slide sharing, audience engagement tools and the ability to download presentations automatically has been of great value to the Teachology team and their course trainers alike.

“The quality of video streaming and slide sharing within Glisser has been great for delegates and has also reduced a lot of admin and stress from my side” says Chris.

“The speakers have loved it as they can easily control the slides themselves and focus on the quality of the training – they don’t have to worry about anything technical. It’s a very slick process and they always feel well taken care of, very at ease.”

“The delegate experience is so much more than a conference call.”

It was important to Teachology that their digital events offered the same great experience that delegates would expect in person – and by using Glisser’s engagement features in a live studio environment, Chris feels this has been achieved.

“We very quickly saw a return on our investment. It’s helped with our event marketing too, since the experience we’re offering is so much more than just a conference call.”

“We have a really good relationship with the Glisser team.”

Glisser’s customer success team took care of everything, and their relationship with the venue and production teams meant that Chris and his colleagues were able to enjoy the process.

“They understood what we do and what we wanted to achieve very quickly. They came up with a lot of solutions as well during the event design stage.

They’ve grown with us over the time we’ve worked together, so it was a very simple transition from in-person events to this hybrid model. There hasn’t been any stress in it at all as everything has been managed by them.”

Success Stories

Every client has a unique challenge, and our platform and
people respond to that challenge every time.

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How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

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How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?