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Effie Worldwide

Who is Effie Worldwide?

Effie Worldwide stands for effectiveness in marketing, spotlighting ideas that work and encouraging thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness. The Effie network collaborates with some of the top research and media organizations worldwide to bring its audience relevant and first-class insights into effective marketing strategy.

Effie Worldwide & Glisser

We caught up with Steph Jones, VP, Awards & Innovation at Effie Worldwide, Inc. and her colleague Katherine Madrid, Manager, Operations Program, to learn more about how Glisser reduces their Cost Per Attendee by 80%.

Steph Jones, VP, Awards & Innovation and her colleague Katherine Madrid, Manager, Operations Program, use Glisser as part of their Judging Process for their Awards programs, to enable the judges to review and vote on entries.

Launched in 1968, the Effie Awards are known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry, and recognize any and all forms of marketing that contribute to a brand’s success. For over 50 years, winning an Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, Effie celebrates effectiveness worldwide with over 55+ programs spanning 125+ markets, including the Global Effies, regional programs in Asia-Pacific, Africa/The Middle East, Europe and Latin America, and national Effie programs.

Steph Jones

Steph Jones

VP Awards & Innovation

“Glisser has helped to provide the best online Judging experience we have been able to deliver."

“Glisser is better than a regular video platform as it’s a branded platform with a custom look and feel so people don’t feel like they are in just another zoom meeting.

It’s helped us to impress our judges whilst also reducing the cost per judge attending by more than 80%.

Glisser is a really nice platform and is an essential part of our Awards event tech stack.”

Katherine Madrid

Katherine Madrid

Manager, Operations Program

"20-40% of our judges engage with a judging session."

“Glisser helps position us as a level above other similar organizations and gives a more official feel than a standard platform like Zoom or Teams.

20-40% of our judges engage with a judging session by voting, posting a comment, liking a session or downloading content.

The support they provides is excellent so I highly recommend them and look forward to working with Glisser far into the future. ”

Success Stories

Every client has a unique challenge, and our platform and
people respond to that challenge every time.

Open Ocean Group

Susan Good explains how Glisser helped Open Ocean Group seamlessly transition to hybrid, while also achieving a 25% increase in attendees and a 70% reduction in cost per attendee too.

Becker Professional Education

Jesse Holt, Regional Manager at Becker says Glisser helps them to generate 50% more leads, at higher quality and lower cost.

ICC Belfast and European Association For Behavioural And Cognitive Therapies (EABCT)

The Annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT), which took place from 08 – 11 September 2021, was ICC Belfast’s first fully hybrid large-scale event.

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?

For more information on how you can use Glisser to increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee, please

How increase attendance and reduce cost per attendee?