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Success Stories

Every client has a unique challenge, and our platform and people respond to that challenge every time.

RPM International Inc.

RPM International Inc. is a $6.1 billion, multinational company who use Glisser for online presentations to their investors. Tammy Zollner explains how valuable Glisser is to them, and how we’ve helped reduce their Cost per Attendee by up to 40%.

Open Ocean Group

Susan Good explains how Glisser helped Open Ocean Group seamlessly transition to hybrid, while also achieving a 25% increase in attendees and a 70% reduction in cost per attendee too.

Effie Worldwide

We caught up with Steph Jones, VP, Awards & Innovation at Effie Worldwide, Inc. and her colleague Katherine Madrid, Manager, Operations Program, to learn more about how Glisser reduces their Cost Per Attendee by 80%.

CREFC Europe

We spoke to Louise Hallien, Event Lead at CREFC Europe about how Glisser enables them to attract more attendees while reducing their Cost Per Lead by 70-80%.

Dods Group Ltd

We spoke to Oliver Corrigan, D&I Events Manager at Dods Group to learn how Glisser helped them generate 100-130% more revenue in 2021 across their virtual/online and hybrid events.

Marketforce Live

We spoke to Melissa Field, Digital Operations Manager at Marketforce Live to hear how they use Glisser to gather 5 more data points per attendee and satisfy their sponsors.

Universities UK

Francesca Jackson, Senior Events Officer at Universities UK explains how Glisser helps them reduce their cost per attendee by 70-80%.

Becker Professional Education

Jesse Holt, Regional Manager at Becker says Glisser helps them to generate 50% more leads, at higher quality and lower cost.

Sardis Events

Nate Aguilar explains why Sardis Events chose to use Glisser to deliver events for their own customers, and why he thinks Glisser is a notch above standard meeting platforms.

ICC Belfast and European Association For Behavioural And Cognitive Therapies (EABCT)

The Annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT), which took place from 08 – 11 September 2021, was ICC Belfast’s first fully hybrid large-scale event.

ICC Belfast

ICC Belfast knew their clients were in need of more engaging and interactive events, so they launched the ICC Belfast hybrid studio to give them a new way to reach out to their delegate base – in a digital format.

Chemical Watch

Jacob Ward, senior events production manager at Chemical Watch discusses why the B2B publisher and events business has renewed its partnership with Glisser for another year.

Alliance Best Practice

Mike Nevin set up research and benchmarking company, Alliance Best Practice in 2002. Since then it has grown into a global community, keen to exchange ideas, opinions and knowledge – something Glisser has been only too happy to help it evolve and develop since the second half of 2020


Teachology specialises in education, producing high-level conferences and training courses. In 2020 they successfully transitioned into offering valuable hybrid events that have helped them reach new audiences.

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