Meaningful, Beautiful Event Data

The most effective way of capturing and visualising event analytics and event ROI.

Event ROI (Event Return on Investment) refers to the calculation made by marketers to determine the relative success of their live events in achieving their marketing objectives, or ‘returns’, given the event’s cost.
A big part of your budget goes into events and conferences, but do you know whether you’re spending the right amount, in the right places, at the right times, to get results? Event analytics means going beyond an attendance register, to understanding audience engagement levels, and linking this to CRM systems to track event ROI and impact throughout your business.

Glisser is used by hundreds of the biggest names in business, education and training.


Using audience engagement to capture insights

Not only does audience participation make your event more engaging, it is also the most effective method of gathering useful information from your audience. Each time a delegate participates – voting in a poll, asking a question, or even jotting down an note against a slide in Glisser – the data tells you something. Collectively, each touchpoint contributes to a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs and the impact of your event.


Creating infographics to visualise event analytics

Event data is only useful if it tells you something interesting – happiness of delegates, effectiveness of sessions, impact of the event – which allows you to take more informed actions. Glisser uses audience interaction to gather information and feedback from your attendees, and then distills it into a beautiful and thought-provoking infographic – an event scorecard – for you, your senior team, or your sponsors.


Integrate event ROI seamlessly into your CRM and event app

Combining audience participation data with other sources, such as broader event analytics or other marketing data, allows you to directly measure the impact of your events, conference and meetings on the rest of your business. Glisser’s open APIs make it easy to integrate your event data into existing marketing technology and event technology solutions, giving you a single view of your information.

Glisser’s event analytics are easily integrated with leading MarTech and Event Tech solutions.

Glisser is incredibly simple to use. I think the stat that rang most true was that one in five people at the summit asked a question. That wouldn’t happen at a normal event without Glisser.

Chris Finnegan
Marketing & Communications Manager