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Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Standard Glisser SLA

October 2022


Glisser offers enterprise grade service levels as standard.

The Glisser platform is hosted using a modern hybrid model, with the primary cloud provider being Microsoft Azure, and the secondary provider being vXtream. Our SLA typically is matched by what our hosting partners offer to us.

For further information about vXtream please visit https://www.vxtream.com/london-colocation/

The Glisser platform uses auto-scaling via Microsoft Azure, if required. Microsoft Azure’s SLA is available here https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/support/legal/sla/ and its security policies here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trustcenter/Security/AzureSecurity

This SLA is subject to acceptance of the standard Glisser Terms & Conditions.

What is the escalation process and expected response times?

Technical problems should be reported immediately to your Glisser account manager who will respond to confirm the issue has been communicated to us. If your account manager cannot be reached, or does not reply to confirm receipt of communication within 5 minutes, the issue should be escalated to the CTO/CPO, Jason Dean (jason.dean@glisser.com)

Upon receiving and confirming receipt of the issue, the Glisser team will investigate and maintain continued communication until resolved. In the event of an issue being of a technical nature, our tech teams may even spot and resolve the issue before it has been communicated.

What is your process for resolving SLA breaches?

To date we have not breached any SLAs with its Customers.

In the event of a technical issue, our technical team is tasked with immediately investigating the status of our cloud servers, and pinpointing the issue. If it can be resolved immediately in the live environment, they have the permissions to apply this fix. If an issue is raised that cannot be fixed immediately, it is then reproduced on our staging environments. Depending on severity we perform necessary actions to resolve, and then apply the same fix to the live environment. The severity of the problem also determines the timeline for the fix.

SLA Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:
    1.1. Scheduled Maintenance Windows: The time during which the Solution may not be available. Glisser is released from its obligations to provide the Solution during this period if a scheduled maintenance period is required. The Glisser platform has been developed so that upgrades and fixes can be applied with no downtime, however should downtime be required we will endeavour to manage any changes during the scheduled maintenance window.

    1.2. Permitted Downtime: Any periods during a scheduled Event in which the Event is not available due to one or more of the following factors: (a) any Customer network or communication infrastructure issues that affect connectivity, including the Customers’ software, hardware equipment, internet connection or telecommunications equipment or a Customer’s firewall settings and configuration; (b) a Customer’s operator error such as third-party hardware or anti-virus software settings; and (c) emergency unscheduled maintenance on the platform.

    1.3. Emergency Unscheduled Maintenance: The maintenance that is necessary to perform (a) to avoid a loss of service (b) an unscheduled maintenance window mutually agreed with the Customer where we are required to correct an issue that prohibits a Customer from using the platform for that period.

    1.4. Error Rate: The total number of internal server errors returned by the Event divided by the total number of requests during that five minute period, calculated as a percentage for each five-minute period in the month.

    1.5. Level 1 Failure: For a ‘live day’ element of an Event. Does not apply when the platform is in ‘on demand status’. More than 50% of the total recorded attendees to the live day element, cannot access the Solution for more than 15% of the scheduled live day duration.

    1.6. Level 2 Failure: For a ‘live day’ element of an Event. Does not apply when the platform is in ‘on demand status’. More than 50% of the total recorded attendees to the live day element, cannot access the application functionality once logged in for more than 15% of the scheduled live day duration.

    1.7. On-Demand Failure: When the Solution is available to attendees but there is no scheduled live day or webcasts on that day.

    1.8. As-Event: An on-demand webcast that is scheduled to be broadcast at a predetermined point in time, greater than 50% of the total webcast attendees experiences a media stream that is unavailable for over 5 consecutive minutes.

    1.9. Application Functionality: Q&A feature, environment navigation, polls, agenda, welcome video, and video playback (does not include 3rd party video error).
  2. Operating System Compatibility:
    2.1. The platform’s user interface is compatible with Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
  3. Platform Availability:
    3.1. Customer acknowledges that it will not be able to access the Solution during the Scheduled Maintenance Window on those occasions when maintenance is actually scheduled, or during Unscheduled Maintenance.
    3.2. Glisser will notify the Customer in advance of its intent to schedule maintenance.
    3.3. The Company shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide advance notice to the Customer of Unscheduled Maintenance and shall explain to the Customer the reasons for any Unscheduled Maintenance
  4. Failure Resolution and Compensation:
    4.1. Live day Failure Credit: A single credit is quantified by dividing the Customer’s prevailing net annual license fee by 12.  
    4.2. Compensation: Agreed as follows:
           4.2.1. Level 1 Failure: Glisser must be notified within 3 business days of the level 1 failure and the Customer will qualify for a single credit.
           4.2.2. Level 2 Failure: Glisser must be notified within 3 business days of the level 2 failure and the Customer will qualify for 50% of a single credit.
           4.2.3. On-Demand Failure: Any failure that persists and remains unresolved for longer than 24 consecutive hours after the issue has been reported by email by a Customer to Glisser the Customer will qualify for 10% of a single credit.
  5. Support:



    (Business Hours)

    (Out of Hours)

    Cat 1: Critical

    Access to Solution not available or usability of Application Functionality is non-existent

    • 20-minute acknowledgment
    • Commence resolution 15 mins
    • Target 1 hour to resolution
    • 4 hours max resolution time
    • 1-hour acknowledgment
    • Commence resolution 1 hour
    • Target 1 hour to resolution
    • 1 day max resolution time

    Cat 2: Severe

    Access to Solution but with diminished Application Functionality

    • 30-minute acknowledgment
    • Commence resolution 30 mins
    • Target 2 hours to resolution
    • 1 day max resolution time
    • 1-hour acknowledgment
    • Commence resolution 1 hour
    • Target 2 hours to resolution
    • 1 day max resolution time

    Cat 3: Normal

    Access to Solution and Application Functionality but Customer requires a change

    • Case by case basis
    • Not available
  6. Business Hours:
    6.1. Weekdays (Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm GMT)
    6.2. For non-European Customers alternative business hours level support is agreed in advance.
  7. Service Commitment:
    7.1. The Company will use all commercially reasonable efforts to make its Solution available with a ‘Monthly Uptime Percentage’ of at least 99% during any complete monthly cycle in the Licence Period.
    7.2. Platform availability is assessed by Glisser’s monitoring systems via a process by which verifiable attempts will be made to access a standard URL within the event platform. If the access test succeeds, then the platform shall be deemed as available.
    7.3. Where the Customer independently determines that platform availability has been measured at less than the Service Commitment the Customer should communicate this problem in writing to Glisser with full details of errors including screenshots where possible. Glisser will assess the issue and respond with a resolution plan.
    7.4. This resolution plan will be submitted to the Customer within 10 working days of the complaint being received by Glisser. The Customer and Glisser will mutually agree on the terms of the resolution.
  8. SLA Exclusions Including Platform Compatibility:
    8.1. The Service does not apply to any unavailability, suspension or termination of our Service: (i) caused by factors outside of our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access or related problems beyond the demarcation point of our Service; (ii) that result from any actions or inactions of you or any third party; (iii) that result from your equipment, software or other technology and/or third party equipment, software or other technology (other than third party equipment within our direct control); (iv) arising from our suspension and termination of your right to use our video streaming service in accordance with the booking contract.
    8.2. If availability is impacted by factors other than those used in our calculation of the Error Rate, then the Customer should communicate that issue in writing to Glisser.