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customer training

Glisser customers are invited to attend our new ‘Glisser Customer Success Series’ to help you get the most out of Glisser.

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What is the lead time you need for an event?

We recommend getting in touch with us approximately a month before the date of your event.

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Glisser Stream
What to tell your presenter

Glisser Stream is our very own streaming solution. There are some crucial rules for your panellists to follow.

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Which devices does Glisser work on?
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Whitelisting your event

Whitelisting your Glisser Event is an extra security measure allowing event organizers to limit who can and cannot gain entry into their event, on an individual basis.

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Why are my questions not being displayed?
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Why can’t I access a presentation?
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Why is the shared moderation link not working?

If your speaker/moderator is being asked to log into your Glisser account, this is due to one of these reasons.

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Why was the audience not prompted to download presentation?
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Zoom Meetings and Webinars
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