Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Make Every Event Count

Glisser is the trusted platform for the virtual events world of today and the hybrid events world of tomorrow.

We’re growing Glisser to be the leading enterprise platform in this space, giving our clients best-in-class tools to create outstanding virtual and hybrid events that their audiences love. Glisser brings people together, creating interactive and engaging experiences for anything from 50 to 50,000 attendees.

We care about security, scalability and simplicity. Our platform is highly customisable, generates powerful data analytics and offers monetisation solutions for those event organisers responding to our newly virtualised environment.

We are remote-first, with a virtual office in London, UK. We also have a strong presence and growth-focus in the US.

Your Role & Responsibilities

As one of our Backend Software Engineers you are a key member of Glisser’s UK based development team, responsible for the continuous building of our event SaaS platform. We’re a close-knit team, from all walks of life, who are not afraid of solving big (or small) problems together. We collaborate really well, and help each other to find solutions as we progress our product strategy. 

At Glisser, you will work across our entire tech stack with scoping, implementation, testing, maintaining and documenting a rapidly changing and increasing product featureset. We’re agile, and have adopted a test driven development where possible for improved code coverage and better quality. You will perform code analysis, refactoring or package auditing for higher reuse and service longevity. 

Who You Are

You probably have a degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar. You should also have a couple of years work experience under your belt, but skills and attitude is equally important. You may be a recent graduate keen on contributing or growing! 

You should however be able to prove your experience in building and maintaining large scale geographically distributed systems: 

Package & Perks

We offer a competitive salary and a good slug of share options at a company valuation that allows you to get into an ambitious scale-up in a growing market at an early stage.

You’ll get the relevant home equipment necessary to get the job done. And we don’t micro-manage. We are a trusting but supportive team that just delivers.

Everyone around you works hard, getting our hands dirty, and giving you the freedom to contribute to many different areas of the business. We’re really just shaping the company culture, so your personality will help determine the place that you work.

We promise, above all, to be nice people to work with.

How We Work

We are fully remote. We expect to meet physically at key times throughout the year, focused on making these sessions a highly effective use of everyone’s time. Day-to-day, we intend to remain largely virtual.

Interview Process

We promise to move fast:

  1. CV review, if a match we’ll respond by return to set up interviews
  2. Video interview to get to know you as a person and your ambitions
  3. Video interview with CTO and senior developer (more technical in nature)
  4. Coding challenge (to build an API endpoint in NodeJS) – should not take more than 60 minutes in our experience – or if you have a comprehensive GitHub repo to share
  5. Decision

The above can happen within a few days.