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What does the moderation feature do?

Last updated: 18 November 2016

Our moderation feature lets you control what questions and tweets your audience and speakers see. Anyone can moderate your questions or tweets from any device. You can also rewrite questions before accepting them in moderation view to get rid of any typos or spelling mistakes.

Questions from the audience will appear in the moderation screen, where you can:

  • Accept questions/tweets and make them public
  • Reject questions/tweets if not appropriate
  • Hold questions/tweets back in the moderation screen to feed into your panel/speakers without letting the audience see all the questions
  • Archive questions/tweets and comments from public view after you’ve accepted them

To use this feature, first switch on moderation in editor.

You can then enter your moderation screen directly from your account by selecting ‘moderate’ in your control panel, or click ‘share’ to be able to past the moderation URL into an email to send to whoever will be reviewing the questions on the day.

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