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How can I use Glisser to collect feedback?

Last updated: 23 March 2016

Glisser can be used to collect feedback from your audience during or after your event. You can combine feedback questions with your presentation content, or simply create a stand-alone feedback.

To create a simple feedback app in Glisser, simply upload a single PowerPoint slide into the Glisser presenter platform. This could be your company or event logo for example, or perhaps a short message explaining why you are collecting feedback.

Once uploaded, go into the Presentation Editor and drag and drop polls to create your feedback questions. Place them after the single slide you have added, and move them into your preferred position. You can create multiple choice, star rating or free-text questions, and put in as many as you want.

Next, change the presentation code to something more memorable, and that’s it – you’re ready to go.

Click Present on that presentation and navigate to the end of the presentation (i.e. the last poll) to make it live. Then send this code to your audience and have them open it in a browser window, fill in their email and complete your feedback survey.

You can display this link at the end of your event, or send it to them afterwards via email. Perhaps catching them on the train home is the perfect time to get them while the event is still fresh but they have the time to respond.

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