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How to present using multiple displays

Last updated: 3 July 2017


Depending on the configuration of your event or presentation, you might want to setup several monitors displaying your presentation going live.
Glisser supports multiple displays, projecting your presentation on all of those, either from the same machine or different computers.

In order to do so, you first need to identify which will be your ‘master’ and ‘slave’ displays.

Launch the additional slave displays

– Go to your dashboard at
– Choose the presentation you want to present live and click Present
– A new tab will open, displaying your presentation in the Live Mode
– Go to the url of this tab and add /slave to the end of the url and press Enter

– The window will now reload in slave mode
(Feel free to bring them into fullscreen using the 1 button or the relevant button in the right hand side control bar)

– Repeat the steps above to setup as many additional displays as your presentation or event require, either with multiple tabs on the same computer or from different computers.

Present from the master display

Now that your additional displays are set up, simply go to your dashboard and present your presentation, all of the configured displays will now displaying the same content



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