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How is my data used when I attend a presentation?

Last updated: 23 March 2016

Are any of my details passed onto third parties?
No. Glisser will never sell or pass on any of your details onto third parties.

Where does Glisser store my data?
Glisser’s data is stored in the cloud on Microsoft and IBM servers, based in Europe. For our full security document please get in touch. If you require any further details give us a call.

Will my audience comments and details be anonymous?
Any questions or comments made by audience members will be completely anonymous to other audience members and the presenter at that point. However, if your email address has been requested by the presenter to access the slides, it will become available to them after the event along with your question.

Who sees my responses and comments?
All of your question responses and polls votes are available to the presenter and to Glisser. Personal notes however are private to you. Any live questions are also available to be viewed by other members of the audience.

Tweets are available to anyone following you or finding your comments on Twitter. Finally, the presenter might display aggregated audience votes or polls to the audience on the main screen. For complete information on how your data will be used, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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