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Interactivity and features

Last updated: 23 March 2016

What interactive features are available?

There are three ‘interactive features’ and three polling/question ‘social slides’.

The social features are:

‘Like’ voting: Where audience members can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a slide.

Audience Questions: Where audience members can ask you a question about a slide, and other audience members can ‘up vote’ questions they like (which you might prioritise answering). Questions can be moderated in paid accounts.

Twitter: Where audience members can view any Tweets using a hashtag you have set, or Tweet themselves if they have linked their Twitter account.

The polling/question social slides are:

Multiple choice: Where you can ask a question with a set number of answers too your audience to vote on, and display their collective response

Rating: Where you can ask the audience to rate something (out of five or ten stars) and display their collective response

Free text: Where you can invite your audience to write a general response to anything you ask them.

How do I add interactive features?

When you tap the ‘Edit’ button you go into the edit screen. Interactive features can be switched on for all slides by tapping the icons to the right. You can also set the Twitter hashtag for your presentation here.

Can my audience download my slides?

Yes. To allow this, simply enable the ‘Download Slides’ feature in the editor – this will allow your audience members to download a PDF copy of your slides after the presentation is complete. They cannot download the live poll results.

Can my audience make personal notes?

Yes. To allow this, simply enable the ‘Audience Notes’ feature in the editor – this will allow your audience members to type personal notes and download them after the presentation is complete.

How do I add interactive polling and question slides?

Below the interactive feature icons are the polling/question social slides. These can be dragged and dropped in between two normal slides, then you can write your question. After that, you can key in your multiple choice answers (and move/delete them), or select whether a rating is out of five or ten stars). Then just hit ‘Save’ to save your edits.

Can I see how the voting works before I present live?

Yes. To do this, upload your presentation and add the interactive features as required. Then, on the presentation management page, select ‘Practice’. This will allow you to present your slides and share them with devices – you can check them by using the unique audience URL in your own smartphone or laptop browser. In effect, you’ll get the full presentation experience. However, once you exit practice mode, the slides will reset to Slide 1 and all data from your practice interactions (votes, questions, etc.) will be wiped.

Please note: you should also clear your cache on your smartphone or laptop to clear the audience view, as your device will have saved your audience slide progress and interactions.

Can I still use the social features even if I don’t have slides?

You need to upload one slide to create a ‘presentation’, but you don’t need to actually have a presentation. We often just upload a single slide (with a logo for example) when using Glisser for speaker panels. That creates a unique audience URL, and a single screen upon which you can add audience Q&A, likes, or polls.

One extra tip: If you upload two slides (they can be identical) and only present the first slide (to allow for audience Q&A etc.) your audience will not have an option to download the slide deck – useful since the slide deck doesn’t contain a lot of information!

How do I capture the email addresses of my audience?

We include an ‘audience email capture slide’ by default, positioned at the front of your presentation. This requires the audience member to provide this information before accessing the slides. This is used to track their votes, likes and questions, and send them the slides and their notes if enabled and requested. If you remove the audience email capture slide, your audience can still participate, but every action will be assigned to a random guest ID. If they then wish to download notes or slides, they will have to provide their email at that point. If you accidentally delete the audience email capture slide, you can replace it by dragging and dropping it back in to your slides.

Can I add videos to my slide deck?

In the editor, you can also add videos after you have uploaded your presentation files (delete any videos embedded in your original slides). Just like the polling/question slides, simply drag and drop the required slide into place in the slide sorter. You can drop in a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Can I add and delete slides in the editor?

In the editor, you can also add or delete slides in your presentation. You can delete any existing slides you don’t need by clicking the X icon on the top-right of the slide. To add a new slide or multiple slides, simply drag and drop the required PPT or PDF slide into place in the slide sorter, and select the file to upload.

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