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How can I change my background image?

Last updated: 31 October 2016

In the Glisser presenter platform, go into the presentation editor mode on the presentation you’d like to change the background of. Then simply select Background Image in the top right corner, and select the image you’d like to use. Your background image will appear behind various screens throughout your presentation such as:

  • Polls (including results)
  • Q&A Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Intro Screen
  • Wordcloud

Note that there is a maximum image size of 2MB.

What happens if I don’t upload an image?
If you don’t upload an image, the default grey background will appear behind your polls, Q&A feed, and twitter wall.

What kind of image should I use as my background?
Your background should be a soft backdrop to your content, ideally matching the theme of your presentation. Avoid using a background with text or logos as it can make it difficult to read your presentation content. Images without too much detail work best.

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