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How do I set up an event?

Last updated: 31 May 2016

Setting up an event on the Glisser Platform enables you to link multiple presentations together and provide your guests with a digital agenda. It also means that you only need to setup a single access code for your entire event (not for every single presentation).

1. Don’t worry about not having your event content yet

The system automatically generates a ‘Slides coming soon’ image so you can still build your event and give your audience access, even without the content.

2. Create an event
Once you are logged in select Events > Create New

3. Setting up your event

You will now need to set up your event using the event form. Give your event a name (please note this will be visible to your audience) and set the time and date of your event.

Set your unique URL – we’d recommend something in line with your event, and add the different rooms that you will be using Glisser in.

From here, you can now add your sessions (i.e. the different presentations you have going on throughout the day). Click ‘Add Session’ – choose the date, time and room of the session. Give it a name, and then repeat to add all of the sessions.

Hit ‘Create Event’ and your event, along with all of the sessions will be saved. You can go into your event and edit at any time.

3. Add presentation content

All the sessions created in the event will have automatically created a presentation in the Glisser dashboard. To add your content, simply drag and drop the files into these sessions.

The event will automatically update with any new content or Glisser features.

4. Your event settings

Once your event is created in Glisser, you are able to make event-wide settings that will apply to each of your sessions within the event. Both your Interactive Settings and Data and Security Settings can be determined and locked using our Lock Settings feature.

5. Present
Now everything is setup all you need to do is present your presentations as you usually would and direct your event attendees to all use your event wide code rather than a presentation specific one.

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