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How do I moderate the Q&A in my presentation?

Last updated: 13 June 2016

Moderation is a quick and easy way to ensure the best quality of questions and tweets come in, and lets somebody off stage manage the flow of engagement. Note that this is an Enterprise feature and not available on our free account.

    1. Select your presentation, click Edit in the right-hand sidebar menu. Then switch on Moderation in the presentation settings.
    2. Save and Exit
    3. To view the moderator window, select the presentation and click Moderate in the right-hand sidebar – this will give you two options:
      • Moderate creates a link for you to moderate with using your own account (you must be logged in)
      • Share creates a link (pasted to the clipboard) for you to share with other people, allowing them to moderate your presentation without logging in
    4. The moderation view then shows the incoming questions and tweets, where you can accept them to push them to the live view, or reject them to remove them.
    5. You can then archive any asked questions to remove them from the audience and presenter views, but still keeps them in the database. This is useful when there are lots of questions being answered and you want to clear the presenter view to see newer questions at the top.

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