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How do I integrate Glisser into my Event App?

Last updated: 9 November 2016

If you want to offer Glisser functionalities to your delegates  from within your application, it is possible to integrate our Audience App into your application within minutes.

A simple Example

Let’s say you have created your presentation and assigned the code MyPres to it. Delegates can access it via our regular interface at

From there you can integrate our Audience App in two ways:

  • Add a link to redirect to our App.
  • Use an embed / iframe object to render our app within.

Either way, the format of the URL to reference is the following:

So in our example this would turn into

Ok this works, but now my app users are asked to enter their email address, why is that?

So following on the step above, you managed to render our Audience App into your application. Nice job! But your users are now getting asked to enter their email address.

This is because your presentation is setup to have Email Capture on. Email Capture is what allows us to associate an email to the various interactions that your delegates are performing. This allows you to track your delegates and also liaise with them.
You could disable this feature, but this isn’t something we would recommend, since you would lose the ability to track who said what and ultimately the ability to further engage with them.

A more elegant integration: Silent Login

Well good news, if you app is already capturing email addresses then there is a way to bypass the login screen seen above.
You can simply update the URL to pass down the email address dynamically following this format:

So in our example, let’s say one of your App user has logged in through your app as [email protected], you will have to update the following URL so that it dynamically renders[email protected]

And voila!

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