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Getting Started (Presenter)

Last updated: 23 March 2016

To register as a presenter, simply click the tab saying Get Started on and create an account, giving us your email address and a password. It costs nothing to do this and you can get started straight away.

To upgrade to an Enterprise account, just get in contact.

The Glisser presenter platform is a web application, so works from any computer (PC or Mac) connected to the internet, with all modern browsers (we prefer Chrome), presenting and sharing slides from the Glisser cloud. If you’d rather not have the main screen presenting from the cloud, you can mirror the slide the presenter is on via a separate laptop, which will share the slides with your audience.

You cannot create your slides in Glisser. Glisser is designed to work in harmony with tried and tested content creation software – PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Haiku Deck – anything that can be saved as a PowerPoint or PDF file. You can even save Prezi files as PDF, but you’ll lose the animated effects (if animation is important for you, check out our PPT Add-in)

Once your content is uploaded to the Glisser presenter platform, you can perform some basic editing, as well as dropping in interactive features, polls and video. For example, you can delete individual slides, or drop new slides or entire slide decks into your existing presentation without exiting Glisser. This makes it quick and easy to do those inevitable last minute changes.

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