Event Analytics and Feedback

Proving an event’s impact has always been difficult - until now!

The Glisser Event Engagement Score is a single definitive metric enabling you to instantly analyse engagement levels at your event. Our unique algorithm combines multiple audience touch-points to give you valuable insights into your delegates.
When combined with feedback from your delegates, it’s easy to visualise your event ROI, and see if you’ve hit your objectives.

A simple incentive for giving feedback

There is one clear reason why event managers that use Glisser gather more feedback on their events than most – audience incentive. By allowing your delegates to download the slides, but ONLY after they have completed a few mandatory feedback questions after each session, there is a clear reason for them to take the time to give you their thoughts – valuable content.

Don’t leave it too late

Digital surveys sent round by email a day after the event are rarely effective. It’s too late: people have refocused on their day jobs and yours is just another email in a long list – a list that they are probably frantically catching up on after a day out of the office. Glisser gives you a mobile-optimised feedback solution right there and then, during your event.

Collect feedback little and often

Rather than keep everyone behind to complete a 50 question survey when they want to relax and grab a drink, or catch a train, ask them little and often. Because Glisser integrates specifically into each session, it gives you the opportunity to ask a handful of questions continuously throughout the day – far more palatable for busy delegates.


Digital data means feedback gets actioned

The worst thing you can do with event feedback is collect it, but never do anything with it. It would have been better not to collect it at all. Often, feedback doesn’t get used because it’s been collected in a pile of forms that don’t get properly reviewed or typed up, or in a format that fails to generate useful insights because there’s simply too much there. Glisser changes all that – simple to set up, easy to analyse, and consistent across your events.

Glisser is a game changer for presentations! The audience don’t have to download an app, just go to a browser so they’re more likely to engage. The upvoting of questions is such a simple, democratic way to ensure I’m delivering value to my audience. The data I get after each presentation to learn what areas people were most engaged with my talk, what questions people have is so valuable.

Chris Platts