Digital Note-Taking

Improve engagement by making note-taking easy.

Isn’t it strange that one of the few places that people still get given free pens and pads of paper is during presentations? Perhaps what we’re really doing is giving them something to doodle on if the session isn’t up to scratch?
In any case, it’s not the most effective way of ensuring your delegates or students are collecting the key points from your speech. Only the most diligent attendees will type the notes up – making them digital, making them easy to store and search. Glisser’s integrated digital note-taking takes away this headache.

Everything in one place

Your attendees can type their notes within the Glisser application, linked to the slide that they are viewing as they type. Once the session is complete, they can download their notes at the touch of a button, along with a PDF of the presentation (if they’re given access). By keeping everything in one place, and in a digital format, you make their lives easier (which has to be a good thing).

Turn attendance into action

We all know the feeling – super-hyped during an amazing presentation, only to get back to the office and get stuck in the day job. All those key points, ideas and actions are left jotted on a scrap of paper, folded up at the bottom of your bag. Using Glisser, your attendees have the slides and their notes sitting in their email inbox the next morning, available and ready to be turned into real actions to drive their businesses forward.

Note-taking is the killer engagement metric

We all want engaged audiences – but how about some really useful measures of how engaged each person was? If your attendees take notes through Glisser, we won’t tell you what they wrote, but we can tell you whether they wrote anything, and on what slide. This is a hugely insightful metric to help gauge audience engagement with the subject matter, and the slides that generated the most interest. Highly valuable to presenters and sponsors.


Slash pointless costs

If nothing else, remove the cost of supplying pens and paper to hundreds of delegates, and spend your money more productively. Not to mention, the work involved in putting them out in the morning, and picking 90% of them up at the end of the day. The world has gone digital – people expect events to be the same.

Fantastic for anonymous Q&A sessions and real-time feedback. Glisser creates a safe space by giving people a platform to ask meaningful questions.

Kris Chadwick
Communications Manager