Hybrid Events Ignited

The hybrid event for hybrid events:
Live attendance in New York & London, Virtual attendance globally

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July 13th 2021

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It’s time to move beyond theory and put hybrid events into action.
Register now for the first ever true hybrid event designed to educate and inform corporate event planners on how to run their very own hybrid events

Register now to be part of this world-first hybrid event on one of the three ticket types:

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    in New York City
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    Online Attendance for all

*In-person tickets will be prioritised for corporate event planners (those who organize events in-house for their own company). We will confirm your registration before the event.

All attendees will be given detailed guidance on what to expect for both in person and online attendance, and will all have access to all materials on demand for one month after the event too.

Registrants will also get first access to the world first case study of how we created this hybrid event, including:

  • The challenges of event design
  • Suppliers required and who is responsible for what
  • Software requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Speaker’s experience of the event, both before and during
  • Attendee’s opinions of the event
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How it works

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On the main event day, the agenda will be delivered live by our world-class speaker panel from three locations: In-person from NYC, in-person from London and online.

The world-first agenda has been independently researched and developed by a highly-skilled event sector commentator, to ensure it provides the exact information that corporate event planners need to know and isn’t just another product push from suppliers.

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Specifically for corporate enterprises, the sessions, speakers and event goals are designed for the four different teams who most commonly tasked with running meetings and events for their company

  • Event Planning & Delivery
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Communications
  • Training & Development

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8:45-9:00 EST / 13:45-14:00 BST   Introduction from the moderators.

Meet our moderators as you find out what to expect from the next few hours of engaging content.

Samme Allen, London

Naomi Clare, New York

9:05-9:45 EST / 14:05-14:45 BST   Panel discussion: Defining what hybrid means & devising the best strategy for your organization

Hybrid is a term being bandied around the event industry. There’s a lack of clarity amongst many planners about what it means and the structure of the model. Many recognise they need to start framing this out and devising a plan. This involves deciding their business objectives and defining stakeholder needs. Part of this process is defining which format will best meet their needs, as we transition back to live events. Three of the most popular hybrid approaches under consideration are:

– the simultaneous physical and digital approach
– delayed hybrid approach with a live event running one week and a
virtual event with repurposed content running a week or more later
– using a combination of separate live and digital experiences to
develop 365 communities.

There are many other variations in approach. With no one size fits all,
what’s the right approach to take for your organisation. We’ll take you
through a toolkit of the key considerations.

Confirmed panellist:

Corbin Ball, Principal, Corbin Ball & Co

Vanessa Lovatt, Chief Evangelist, Glisser

Toby Lewis, CEO, The Live Group

Naomi Clare, Founder, CSO, Storycraft Lab

9:50-10:20 EST / 14:50-15:20 BST  Fireside chat: Creating a 365-value proposition based on customer insights and needs assessment

Many event planners are developing and implementing strategies to support building digitised communities.  Using a hybrid format of live events and digital content 365, the Emerald case study will outline the journey to successfully implementing these types of community models.

Brian will take us through how for Emerald a key pillar of a successful approach is putting the customer centre stage and understanding their needs. He will reflect on the impact of the pandemic on the organisation’s event strategy.  As a result the organisation is planning in addition to in person events, to deliver increasing amounts of 365 digital content across the brands aswell as introducing year-round transactional marketplaces for certain brands.  He will take you through the organisation’s thinking about the buyer journey and delivering customer success, significant reorganisations of staffing, putting more focus on data science and utilising data-driven insights, bringing in engineering talent and developing skills around marketing automation, leveraging technology, and providing a clear content offering. The combination of these factors has helped them created long term value,
enabled them to monetise the model and achieve growth.

Confirmed speaker: Brian Field, COO, Emerald
10:25-10:55 EST / 15:25-15:55 BST  Panel discussion: Content’s critical role in creating an equally engaging experience for both in-person and virtual audiences

How do you stop virtual attendees feeling like second class citizens? Will some of the audience, have got so used to the convenience of virtual content they will never return to physical events? These questions are exercising the minds of some event planners. Whether the event is a simultaneous offering or the two elements are held at different times, the secret is to focus on developing compelling content for both audience types. The content will need to be proprietary, topical and forward looking to keep your audiences engaged. The panel will discuss how you address these points and reflect them in the content you deliver to keep both audiences engaged. Should you develop exclusive content for both, should you be embracing TV production and sporting event mindsets and comparing live formats versus pre-recording content approaches. The panel will debate some of the networking approaches that have seen more traction and why, these include topic-based roundtable sessions incorporating breakouts for smaller chat groups, Ask the Expert sessions, virtual meet ups sessions with speakers and AI powered speed networking.


Confirmed panellist:

Kyle Morris, VP, NMR Events

Iain Pitt, Managing Director, Clarion

Dr James Morgan EWD

10:55-11:25 EST / 15:55-16:25 BST   Break

Take a quick desk work out with our virtual movement guru, or find out more about Augmented Reality for events, or take a tour of the London venue to see how it’s laid out.

11:25-11:55 EST / 16:25-16:55 BST     Panel discussion: Matching your budget with your hybrid ambition

The increased investment required to deliver both the in-person and virtual formats is a big concern to many event planners. Some fear that with two formats running simultaneously they will be looking at double the costs. This session will take you through those additional elements required to consider how to assess the levels of investment to make on each one. The starting point needs to be your event objective and value proposition. Do you have the right skill set in your team to deliver the different formats? Thought also needs to be given to whether technology investment could support in helping to automate processes and so take pressure off the team.


Confirmed panellists:

Nik Rudge, Managing Director, EMEA, Encore Global

Fiona Macpherson, Vice President, etc.venues, New York

Tara Thomas, Tech Marketing Strategist, Co-founder and CMO, The Meeting Pool

12:00-12:35 EST / 17:00-17:35 BST     Case study: The reality of delivering a hybrid event in pandemic times

This case study which will provide a real-life experience of running a hybrid event. Providing a first-hand account of the challenges encountered and how they were overcome. Offering the thought process behind the model offered, content offering, budgetary considerations, investment in technology, practical considerations for the physical event to make it COVID safe, resource required and the financial model used.


Thinking about the two customer journeys, tailoring different marketing messages and managing two sets of logistical arrangements. Was it possible to deliver an engaging event for both the in person and for the virtual audience? What were the audience engagement metrics and did the event offer ROI? The case study aims to address the many questions event planners are mulling over and understand the types of challenges they could face and how to address them.


Confirmed speaker: Tonya Almond, VP Knowledge & Experience Design, PCMA
12:40-1:10 EST / 17:40-18:10 BST     Panel discussion: Reimagining your event strategy

We know COVID-19 has changed the way people work, how might it also change their views on attending events? We bring together a panel of leading event planners to air their expectations, hopes and challenges in designing their future event strategies. When do they feel it will be realistic to start running in person events again? What are they different ways they are considering incorporating hybrid approaches into their event strategies. How are they thinking through the different challenges in the delivery of these events including devising content and planning out the customer journey and marketing messages required for both groups. At the event helm of their respective businesses our event leaders can be sure of one thing – the times are challenging and they want to feel they’re able to devise strategies which have the inbuilt flexibility for these uncertain times.


Confirmed panellist:
Kate O’Connell, Associate Director, Global Strategic Events and Experiences, EY

Jill Leithner, Director, Executive Event Productions, Intel Corporation

Karen Galatis, Former Senior Director, Corporate Event Marketing, Oracle

1:15-1:45 EST / 18:15-18:45 BST     Shifting gears on technology purchasing decisions: moving from a tactical to a strategic process

The past year has for many been spent making tactical purchasing decisions on platform solutions at speed to enable them to pivot to digital. Now many are stepping back and reviewing their suite of event technology, as they plan the right hybrid strategy for their business. Feedback is frequently that no one platform provides all the functionality required and can often be an expensive purchase. Many are keen to understand what new technology solutions are emerging. This session will support you in viewing your technology purchase as you would a venue choice and considering how your strategy and budget best fits with the technology options available. We’re aiming to update you on the emerging technology innovations which could support your business. Even if you don’t make the final purchasing decision you want to be in a position to influence.


Confirmed panellists:

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, CEO, EventMind

Liz Caruso, CEO, techsytalk

Heidi Legein, Chief Executive Guru, The MICE Guru

1:45-1:50 EST / 18:45-18:50 BST     Moderator’s closing remarks

The top takeaways from this world first hybrid event for hybrid events.

Hybrid Delivery Partners

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We have aligned our portfolio of companies under a new master brand and assumed the name Encore. With a global footprint reaching more than 20 countries, we have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, extending the solutions we provide customers to create in-person, virtual and hybrid event experiences.

Our global and local network of industry experts allow us to offer something no one else can. You get the expertise of a partner that understands local nuances with the vast resources of a global leader to deliver the same level of service excellence, time after time, — no matter where your event takes you. Whether it be a hotel, convention center, restaurant, museum, or other event space, we have global reach to deliver a consistent experience and measurable results.

etc.venues is the UK’s leading provider of non-residential meeting and event venues and, more recently, has become a leading voice within the hybrid meeting space.

The company has 15 inspiring spaces to meet, think and collaborate across London, Birmingham, Manchester and New York.

Superfast and secure connectivity, in-built hybrid meeting tech, mouth-watering food created by onsite chefs all within beautifully designed covid-secure space; these are just a few reasons why the group hosts meetings and events for 84% of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies.

Our Approach

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  • 1
    We put clients at the heart of every decision we make to provide them with an effortless meeting and event experience.
  • 2
    It's why we were the first to introduce a ground-breaking online booking tool enabling clients to see live availability - so they can make informed choices.
  • 3
    It's why we introduced all-inclusive day delegate rate packages - which include high-speed Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee and bespoke lunches.
  • 4
    It's why we were the first to introduce a ground-breaking online booking tool enabling clients to see live availability - so they can make informed choices.
  • 5
    It's why our onsite chefs cater for every kind of dietary requirement - from contemporary vegan to gluten-free dishes.
  • 6
    And it's why our teams regularly undertake client feedback sessions - so we can continue to innovate and evolve as we expand internationally.
Event technology was supposed to revolutionise our world. it was supposed to increase engagement, differentiate, create savings and efficiencies and insight and... it didn't really do any of that. Instead, it made the event professional's life harder. The companies that launched event tech, that started out on a mission to change everything, quickly changed themselves. They stopped focusing on what their clients (you) needed. Things that were supposed to be integrated and easy suddenly required extensive training and in-house tech-spertise to manage. They expected the events industry to pay more, to realise results that simply weren't there. Our founders got tired of these unfulfilled promises (and the unrealised potential). So they did something a little, well, crazy. They hired a bunch of geniuses who were trained at places like MIT and Cambridge, and who had worked at companies like Google and Citrix. Together, they built their own event technology suite - one that would actually deliver on the promises made so long ago. Since then... we've been doing exactly that. Offering event technology to elevate your events, lower your cost and increase your efficiencies.

We’re a reputable and creative tech partner that amplifies messages to audiences. Nothing stands in the way of our customer service. Even when our entire truck explodes. True story.

NMR’s strength is in our core staff who have been with us for decades. Our team is full-time and ready to give your project high-touch attention.

Let NMR's group of experts engineer an experience that amplifies your message. Anyone can own a bunch of gear. We want to own your event.

We want to innovate with you.

NMR Events was born on the trade show floor and has grown with the industry. Our most famous and lasting partnership is with Samsung each year for CES.

We offer a turnkey, white glove service for your booth's technology.

From corporate events with thousands of attendees to c-suite meetings, our team of technologists is scalable and personable.

We can amplify your message through our technology.

“This is an ambitious project to provide the global event community with a much needed case study on how to run a hybrid event, well.”

“Finally! A group of people actually showing how to run a hybrid event in the flesh, not just talk about it.”

“There are so many ways to run a hybrid event, we’re pleased to support one of the first publicly shared demonstrations on how to do it properly.”


Engagement Technology for Live Events

With a vast array of technology and creative ideas, we’ve been entrusted to create interactive experiences for exhibitions and conferences, festivals and sports events, and large scale activations.

Our team of event managers, developers, creative wizards and marketeers are focussed on results. Be it data capture, analytics, or just a unique engaging activation that your guests want to virally share, we will work with you to create your vision.

Now that online events are becoming must haves, the challenge is how to make them exciting and engaging. We’ve developed a variety of Virtual Services to assist – with our Virtual Photobooth, Online Gamification and Photo Mosaic Wall leading the pack for audience participation.


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  • One ticket per event to post multiple jobs and get unlimited prequalified applications equates to the lowest cost per hire.
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