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Check out the new Glisser On-Demand Content Hub

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Virtual Events 2.0: From Responsive Tactics to Marketing & Communications Strategy

eBook_Virtual Events 2.0: From Responsive Tactics To Marketing & Communications Strategy

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Do your meetings and events complement and enable the evolving world of work?

Our latest eBook explores how your meetings and events can progress to develop both existing and new virtual channels into a meaningful communications and marketing strategy. We focus on moving beyond the tactical and responsive models that 2020 and 2021 forced upon us and explore the benefits of truly ‘embedded’ and ‘owned’ virtual meetings and events.

Download our free eBook which covers:

  • Supporting Your Organizational Strategy – Key Considerations
  • What Digital Channels Are Already Within Reach And Why Should You Use Them?
  • From Internal Corporate Communications To Demand Generation: The Proven Use Cases For Embedding Virtual Meetings And Events Into Your Strategy And Website Architecture
  • How To Create Embedded And Owned Virtual Meetings And Events
  • Complementing In-person Meetings & Events with Digital Channels
  • Metaverse – 6 Practical Tips To Help You Decide What To Do Next

This eBook also features five sets of ‘Practical questions to ask yourself’ scattered throughout, to help you apply the key learnings to develop your own strategy as you work through it.

As businesses move forward with designing remote, flexible and hybrid approaches to work, how will you ensure that your meetings and events complement and enable the evolving world of work?

Claire Gardin

Resource Planning Manager, Clinical Education

“Glisser is one of the only solutions I have seen that is truly user friendly – it’s simple, intuitive platform gave my attendees the very best experience for my virtual event. From on-boarding to live-event execution, the team at Glisser were phenomenal.”

Nick Dugdale-Moore

Regional Director - Europe, UFI

“Thank you Glisser – highly recommended for anybody that’s looking to make their events more engaging, more interactive, and just better. The team, as always, were super professional, really helpful, and helped everything work together with our other tech partners.”

Our Clients

Susan Good
Susan Good
CEO, Open Ocean Group

"Glisser is incredible! Really great experience for both in-person & online attendees."

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