Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

Webinar: Transform Your Videos into Valuable Lead Gen Assets

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Realising The Power Of Virtual Events For Demand Generation

Ebook_Realising The Power Of Virtual Events For Demand Generation

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Events are now a marketing channel to be reckoned with

Virtual & hybrid events have evolved rapidly to become a vital marketing channel, providing powerful attributes that make them both effective and measurable.

Using the right event tech, marketers can control the brand, the audience experience and the attendee community – and ultimately benefit from the rich data they generate. This eBook explores some of the things we think are important for both marketers and event planners to consider, as they embark on this happy partnership, including:

  • How and why events have become an important marketing channel
  • Setting up events for demand generation
  • Executing seamless event experiences for demand generation
  • The importance of follow up – including on-demand content, lead scoring and conversion tracking

“Now we’re transitioning to hybrid, our marketing team expects the volume of audience data we have given them from our virtual events. It’s more than an expectation, they’re demanding it.”

Claire Gardin

Resource Planning Manager, Clinical Education

“Glisser is one of the only solutions I have seen that is truly user friendly – it’s simple, intuitive platform gave my attendees the very best experience for my virtual event. From on-boarding to live-event execution, the team at Glisser were phenomenal.”

Sarah Lock

Marketing Acceleration Director, Informa Connect

“Glisser provides stellar customer service and success management. The platforms engagement features have enabled Informa Connect to deliver strong interactive virtual customer experiences, and have successfully supported our acceleration into virtual event offerings”

Our Clients

Louise Hallien
Event Lead, CREFC Europe

"We see 10% more attendees coming to our Glisser events."

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