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The Progressive Marketer’s Ultimate Events Strategy 2022 Worksheet


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B2B Marketer + Meetings & Events = Exponential Potential

If you’re a marketer responsible for using meetings and events to charge up your pipeline and power up your brand, then this is your essential worksheet…

Designed specifically to empower you to develop a high-performance meetings and events strategy that capitalizes on both in-person and digital channels, it presents a series of questions to challenge your thinking and help identify the key parts of your strategy.

There are five core sets of questions to work through, relating to:

  • Aligning your meetings and events strategy with your business goals
  • Selecting the appropriate digital and in-person balance for your meetings and events
  • Evolving your meetings and events formats
  • Considering the benefits of hosting digital meetings and events within your own website(s)
  • Ensuring digital and in-person meetings and events efforts are complementary

Your answers will provide you with the foundations for your future meetings and events strategy – and help you to achieve those all-important marketing targets.

Nick Dugdale-Moore

Regional Director - Europe, UFI

“Thank you Glisser – highly recommended for anybody that’s looking to make their events more engaging, more interactive, and just better. The team, as always, were super professional, really helpful, and helped everything work together with our other tech partners.”

Jesse Holt

Regional Manager, Becker

“We generate around 50% more marketing leads and these are acquired at a lower cost than without using Glisser – our Cost Per Lead goes down by around 10% thanks to Glisser.”

Susan Good

CEO, Open Ocean Group

“Glisser is incredible! This was our first hybrid event and it went better than we had hoped – it provided a really great experience for both the in-person and online attendees. We got around 25% more attendees and get our cost per attendee down by 70-80% too.”

Our Clients

Oliver Corrigan
Oliver Corrigan
D&I Events Manager, Dods Group

"We generated 100-130% more revenue using Glisser."

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