The Design Council is a charity and is recognised as a leading authority on the use of strategic design. They use design as a strategic tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive economic growth and innovation, and improve the quality of the built environment.

They address all aspects of design including product, service, user experience and design in the built environment, and are the UK government’s adviser on design.

The Design Council

We were pleased to be involved with our third Design Council event, the Powering Innovation Summit in Tallinn, Estonia. The event had more than 300 attendees from more than 30 countries, so it was crucial that the delegates had a platform from which they felt comfortable sharing their opinions. There was a diverse range of speakers, ranging from the Estonian Minister for Culture to one of Google’s Design Advocates, and as they were speaking on a variety of insightful topics there were sure to be questions aplenty from the audience.

Sure enough, the event delivered with some outstanding audience engagement. Glisser was used across all four panel discussions, and the room took to it brilliantly. By effectively crowdsourcing questions, the panelists were able to engage on topics that were most relevant to the audience. In the end, there were more questions than the moderators could handle, averaging one question for every two people in the audience.

But the Design Council weren’t looking to just drive relevant discussions, but also gather insights from their audience. Using Glisser’s live polling, they were able to determine which issues the audience thought could benefit most from design, and how they thought their companies could use design differently to grow and prosper.

“Using this evidence that we’ve captured with Glisser, this project might run again for another two, three or five years”

Chris Finnegan
Marketing and Communications Manager

Ultimately, the data captured through Glisser proved actionable and insightful for the Design Council. They were also able to effectively share the speaker’s content over Glisser, allowing them to easily download them along with any notes they’ve made. Of the event, Chris Finnegan, Marketing & Communications Manager for the Design Council, said ‘using this evidence that we’ve captured with Glisser, this project might run again for another two, three or five years. At my next event I’m going to be running in six months time I will be using Glisser on my own.’