Future Edtech is the leading education event of London Tech Week. London Tech Week 2018 held over 300 events between 11 and 17 June. With over 55,000 attendees, it’s London’s biggest crowdsourced tech festival, showcasing the best of tech and driving change across the capital and the globe.

Transforming Life in Education

Through technology, the education sector is experiencing a dynamic period of change. As part of London Tech Week, Future Edtech brings together Institutional Leaders with new technologies and academia to showcase strategies and tools which improve the student experience and engagement, both on and off campus with the use of technology.

The talks highlighted key issues within the industry, as well as time to network and brainstorm.

Dr. James Frazee was a keynote speaker at Future Edtech, talking about why virtual immersive teaching and learning is so important. Dr. Frazee is the Senior Academic Technology Officer and Director of Instructional Technology Services (ITS) at San Diego State University. He has written and presented widely on the subjects of obtaining, managing and leveraging large state and federal educational technology grants, designing faculty professional development programs, strategic technology planning and using technology to push curriculum reform.

Dr. Frazee chose to take advantage of Glisser’s audience opinion polling, slide sharing, and crowd sourced Q&A feed for his talk to better engage the audience.

The Keynote

Dr. Frazee is clearly a pro at giving engaging presentations, using his slide deck as a backdrop to the talk, broken up with Glisser opinion polls and quiz polls to involve the whole room. It’s no wonder then that almost 100 attendees joined in to make it a truly engaging experience.

Here’s a breakdown of participation during the talk:

  • 95 attendees
  • 43 questions asked
  • 3 polls
  • 3 quizzes

Learnt in Just Three Days

Whilst Glisser can be used as an immersive education tool, it’s so much more. Glisser is the only web-based audience response tool on the market that shares presentation slides direct to delegates’ devices in real-time, and then uses audience interaction – Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes – to improve the attendee experience and provide insightful and actionable analytics.

Glisser’s simplicity has been at the heart of development from day one. Dr. Frazee is a testament to this. The journey from acquiring a license to presenting was just three days. Despite Dr. Frazee not having used Glisser before, even without any training he felt confident enough to deliver his keynote talk just a few days after learning about the benefits of using Glisser.