The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development are a registered charity, established to promote the art and science of the management and development of people for public benefit.

They’re committed not only to finding and championing ways of defining and organising work that create economic and societal value, but also to promoting ways of improving individual working lives.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

CIPD run hundreds of events each year and they were looking for a simple, but cost effective way of using technology at their conferences.

After a competitive selection process they decided to go with Glisser, won over by the fact that they’d be able to run Glisser’s technology by themselves, without always needing extra support on-site. The next step was picking a conference to debut the software at.

The objective was to generate more audience interactions over the course of the conference. Throughout the course of the day the CIPD effectively used Glisser to live slide share their content, offer their audience a chance to wave goodbye to paper, and use Glisser’s audience notes and Q&A function. The Q&A function to increase the number of questions asked from the floor, and help their chairs to select only the most popular ‘up-voted’ questions to answer during the tight-on-time panel sessions.

We were looking for an interactive engagement platform and Glisser was just that. It offered everything that we were looking for and much more.Head of events, CIPD

The result was some 930 interactions from an audience of just 150 people, thousands of data fields collected, and comments like “surely the future of conferences” from delegates.

The CIPD have since seen their colleagues in the UAE start using Glisser, and used the software at a range of events, including their annual L&D conference in Olympia.