Bett believes in creating a better future by transforming education. Their mission is to bring together people, ideas, practices and technologies so that educators and learners can fulfil their potential.

Bett serves as a global showcase of best in class innovations, landmark technological breakthroughs and galvanising success stories that when brought together, arouse a sector in need of inspiration.

Transforming education through technology

Bett 2017 had a goal of driving innovation, and the organisation wanted to introduce a digital companion which would facilitate engagement between audience and speakers, alongside collecting actionable data. This solution would replace their traditional methods of audience engagement and would need to do so for an audience that appreciates consistency and professionalism. After all, this is an event for teachers.

How Glisser improved business performance at Bett 2017

Glisser was placed in the three highest profile content spaces which together account for 75% of audience visits. Using Glisser, Bett saw a great increase in engagement and revisits in each space that together totalled 20% year-on-year growth.

The overarching result of this approach was a significant increase of the dial for Bett’s NPS scores from +44 to +49, a record for the show, the management team at Bett strongly believed this result is no small part due to the utilisation of Glisser as their primary tool to engage the audience. This positive result was supported in the post-show follow-up survey when 83% of the users confirmed they found Glisser useful.

And what did we do exactly?

Working closely with the Bett team, we helped develop a programme of digital activity – a toolkit – that fundamentally boosted the levels of audience engagement throughout the show:

Digital Q&A: Allowed audience members to pose challenging questions using their smartphones. This way the panellists could engage on topics that were most relevant to the attendees

Simple Tech: Bett could keep their audience engagement at all times and provoked new arguments for even more lively panel discussions without complicated processes

Live Polling: Bett invited their attendees to participate in polls assessing current views on topical issues. This helped them gather extremely valuable data insight, enabling post-event follow-up reports

The result

Throughout the event, the engagement levels achieved across three content features were the following:

  • 4,524 session visits
  • 848 questions asked
  • 356 slide likes
  • 1,090 poll votes

The numbers above represent a record volume of interaction for the use of Glisser in a live event, and has opened new ways the Bett brand can measure engagement, and subsequently, deliver tangible value to partners while deepening relationships with their visitors.