Free, interactive webinars for event planners

How to captivate your audience at your next presentation

Join Visme and Glisser as we explore 5 simple hacks to build a presentation that will captivate your audience’s attention throughout your event.

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Events Going Green: 7 practical initiatives for your next event or meeting

Join CEO of Glisser, Mike Piddock and Founder of Eventism, Stuart Coleman as they lay out 7 green initiatives you can implement

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Glisser Product Feature Update March 2020

Join the Glisser Product Team as they walk through newly released features for our platform. Ask questions and hear more about upcoming developments.

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Going Virtual in the Wake of Coronavirus

Join Mike Piddock, CEO of Glisser, as we breakdown the impact of Coronavirus on the event industry, steps current event planners and workforces are taking, and how to move to a more virtual environment.

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Helping Sales Find Focus with Automation

Join Meaghan Carey, Chief Revenue Officer at Glisser, as she walks through 5 use cases of automation’s impact on Sales. Learn how to better leverage the tools you have to let your Sales team focus on the bottom line.

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The Data Impact of Brexit

With Brexit looming do you know where your companies data will end up? It’s now vital that all companies, their marketers, event planners, trainers and any other business users of SaaS platforms consider how the personal data of their people and their clients is being handled by their technology suppliers.

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GDPR Countdown – 50 Days to Go

Join us for our webinar where expert panelists, Ian Webb from Eventsforce and Arvi Virdee from Fileom, provide their insights, along with Q&A with the panelists via Glisser.

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Glisser LIVE – An Introductory Webinar

With the recent release of Glisser LIVE, we’re hosting a virtual webinar to address the how to’s, where to’s and who to’s with Glisser LIVE.

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A Simple Approach to Measuring Event ROI

In this on-demand webinar, Mike Piddock (Founder of Glisser), will explain how he measured event ROI as a CMO at a large financial services and telecoms company.

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News & Updates

Stress-free hybrid events
Insider’s Guide To Stress-Free Hybrid Events

Reset the stress levels by taking strong ownership of the way you design, run and deliver hybrid events.

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SOW Stage
the Benefits of Hybrid Events

Aztec Live and etc.venues tell us the 8 best ways to convince budget holders to invest in both digital and in-person elements.

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Press Release: Glisser launches Glisser Stream

Glisser Stream enables customers to run virtual event sessions through Glisser’s own streaming service.

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