What it Takes to Become ISO 27001 Certified - and Stay There

A case study of our insights three years on

Right Side Dots

What it Takes to Become ISO 27001 Certified - and Stay There

A case study of our insights three years on

eBook - Hybrid Events

Right Side Dots

Three-and-a-half years ago, we embarked upon a journey to achieve our first ISO 27001

We realized ISO 27001 certification was vital for gaining the trust of IS and procurement professionals in large enterprises and we wanted to give senior leaders within our clients the confidence that they were selecting the right partner to support their business objectives.

This case study outlines the process we went through, what we learned, and how we maintain this level on an ongoing basis.

When we set out ourselves, we found it hard to find ISO 27001 materials that would be useful for smaller companies, and there is still not a lot out there. We hope this case study helps anyone looking to start this journey.

Our Clients

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Glisser is one of the only solutions I have seen that is truly user friendly – it’s simple, intuitive platform gave my attendees the very best experience for my virtual event. From on-boarding to live-event execution, the team at Glisser were phenomenal.
Claire Gardin
Claire Gardin
Resource Planning Manager
Clinical Education
Thank you Glisser – highly recommended for anybody that’s looking to make their events more engaging, more interactive, and just better. The team, as always, were super professional, really helpful, and helped everything work together with our other tech partners.
Nick Dugdale-Moore
Nick Dugdale-Moore
Regional Director - Europe
Glisser provides stellar customer service and success management. The platforms engagement features have enabled Informa Connect to deliver strong interactive virtual customer experiences, and have successfully supported our acceleration into virtual event offerings
Sarah Lock
Sarah Lock
Marketing Acceleration Director
Informa Connect

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