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Event Tech
The Power Of Event Tech for Learning & Development

Our latest eBook looks at how L&D professionals can use event tech to elevate their training programmes to the next level – and why traditional meeting tools are no longer sufficient to truly engage remote attendees.

Event ROI 3
The Definitive Guide to Event ROI & Analytics Part Three: Analysing Event ROI Insights

Part three of this series will help you effectively evaluate your event ROI insights and explores the issues that play a part when analysing your event data, including the challenges of attribution and reporting methods.

Event ROI 2
The Definitive Guide to Event ROI & Analytics Part Two: Event ROI Measurement Approaches

Part two of this three-part guide explores event ROI measurement approaches, including financial measures, the value of leads, measuring brand and getting results from gamification and social media.

Event ROI one
The Definitive Guide to Event ROI & Analytics – Part One: Where to Start with Event ROI

Measuring event ROI can be a challenging and complex subject, so we’ve produced this three-part guide to help you and your organisation truly gain value from your in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings and events.

Zoom Fatigue Guide
Communication Prof’s Guide to Zoom Fatigue and How to Overcome It

Most of us have experienced Zoom fatigue over the last few months – and seen it in our colleagues or event attendees. In this guide, we will explore how different people experience Zoom fatigue and how you can ensure that your messaging is landing.

Hybrid Working Report
Glisser Report: Unlocking The Hybrid Working Opportunity

To demonstrate just how far and wide the hybrid working movement has grown, we’ve researched some of the world’s biggest companies to assess their enthusiasm for embracing hybrid working – using technology to keep team members connected and engaged.

ISO 27001 Case Study
What it Takes to Become ISO 27001 Certified – and Stay There

Three years ago we embarked upon a journey to achieve our first ISO 27001 certification to give clients confidence they were selecting the right partner. This case study shares our insights to help other businesses starting out on their journey.

Zoom Fatigue
Employees & Zoom Fatigue

The role of internal and external corporate communications has never been more critical. This guide explores how Zoom fatigue manifests, what causes it, and how communications teams can overcome it.

Hybrid Events Ignited
Case Study: Hybrid Events Ignited

In July 2021, Glisser put hybrid event theory into action by hosting Hybrid Events Ignited in London, New York and online. This case study explores every aspect of the planning process and all the lessons learnt along the way.

Trusted Suppliers ebook
Why Trust is Critical when Procuring Virtual Events Platforms

Selecting an event tech supplier is a complex task. With so many to choose from, how can you be sure to select a partner you can trust?

Glisser Survey Report
Market Research Report – Hybrid Events

This market research report summarizes the findings of our recent survey on how planners really feel about hybrid events.

Stress-free hybrid events
The Insider’s Guide to Stress-Free Hybrid Events

Reset the stress levels by taking strong ownership of the way you design, run and deliver hybrid events.

Outstanding Virtual Events
Outstanding Virtual Events

In part one of our ebook series, The 2021 Event Planner’s Guide, we provide tips and advice on how to create stand-out virtual events.

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Preparing Event Planners for GDPR – Part 2 – Taking Action

The second and final step-by-step workbook to address GDPR for the events you run.

Download Ebook
Preparing Event Planners for GDPR – Part 1 – Evaluation

A step-by-step workbook in plain English with practical actions for you to complete

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News & Updates

AdAge Webinar
Protecting Your Virtual Event Attendee Data – hosted by ad Age & Glisser

Vanessa Lovatt will be joined by Jesse Holt from Becker on December 14 to explore the challenges of data protection and choosing an event tech partner you can trust.

Zoom fatigue
Blog: How to Combat Video Conferencing Fatigue

With hybrid working here for the long-haul, leaders, marketers and communications teams need to rethink how they deliver to stakeholders in both the real and virtual worlds.

Press Release: Glisser announces Brightcove as a launch partner for Glisser Elements

Brightcove named a launch partner for Glisser Elements, the low-code solution for fully customizable virtual events that can be embedded anywhere.