Delivering a successful first-time hybrid event

Shared Ownership Week ran their first successful hybrid event at the culmination of a week of programs helping first-time buyers and families onto the property ladder.

“We really wanted interactivity”

After a weeks’ worth of activities online and offline – what they wanted to do was end the week with a big grand finale event. Obviously normal circumstances aren’t happening at the moment, and they couldn’t get everyone into a room.

But they could get some industry experts together in a hybrid environment and bring in a virtual audience – so you still get that discussion feeling and live attendees who can also engage and ask questions. Home ownership is quite a difficult topic to cover and there’s always lots of questions – so interactivity was key.

Glisser made dealing with questions simple

The ease of use in filtering the onslaught of questions was made simple through the Glisser moderation tools, and life was made even easier with the support of an award-winning customer success team. “Even when I was planning at the beginning (and I didn’t have as much time – lots of other things going on!), I always had really good support. Nardos (Glisser Inside Sales Representative and Partner Manager) did a lot of the setup for me as well. She was great at helping out and was obviously there on hand during the day to help.”

How was the overall feel of the event?

“It was great! It was so nice to have human beings in front of you and just have proper conversations. It felt really safe, it was at etc.venues County Hall and they managed everything in terms of social distancing and making sure everything was safe for us. But it was just really, really great to be back with people!

Having already helped thousands of buyers across the UK get their foot on the property ladder, Shared Ownership is a government scheme designed for those who can’t afford to buy a home outright on the open market.

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