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We spoke to Nate Aguilar to hear why Sardis Events choose to use Glisser to deliver events for their own customers, and why he thinks Glisser is a notch above standard meeting platforms.

Nate Aguilar


Nate Aguilar gives us his thoughts on using Glisser for multiple use cases for their customers.

Nate Aguilar, Vice President, Sardis Media



Sardis Events has been producing live events for over 30 years. They use Glisser to help deliver to their own customers and have used Glisser for numerous events, with various use cases. One of their most complex events was an R&D conference for a global audience across multiple time zones.

Here’s what Vice President, Nate Aguilar, thinks of Glisser…

“Glisser is a notch above Zoom Webinars or Teams calls."


“Glisser is a notch above Zoom Webinars or Teams calls. With the ability to use high quality 1080p streaming and high-res graphics it provides a better viewing experience. Also the User Interface is easy to understand and use with very little settings to get confused by.

We use Glisser for various different event types as it helps us to deliver events that are better than average - our Glisser events are clean and simple, but effective.

We find that most attendees engage with the sessions by asking questions and answering polls because it can be anonymous and they feel safe.

"I highly recommend Glisser."


I highly recommend Glisser as it’s a great clean, simple and effective platform that can be used for most webinars and one off conferences.”

For more information on how Glisser can help you to deliver engaging virtual and hybrid events, please book your demo here.


Sardis Media are experts in delivering world class events, inspired creative and equipment solutions. Sardis Events has been producing live events for over 30 years.

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