ICC Belfast knew their clients were in need of more engaging and interactive events, so they launched the ICC Belfast hybrid studio to give them a new way to reach out to their delegate base – in a digital format.

“I’ve worked with Glisser for many years with different employers and decided to continue that journey.”


As a convention centre, they needed an application that would continue to work with them when they re-open in the future, so they knew Glisser was a great match for them.  Head of production Dave Young explains: “The Glisser platform allows delegates to interact with any event, whether it be digital or in-person, meaning a delegate on the other side of the world has the exact same influence on an event as a delegate sat on the front row.”

ICC Belfast have used Glisser for a variety of events including internal team updates, product launches, AGMs, multiple day conferences and awards galas, including hybrid solutions.

“They’re a fantastic team to work with, they understand our needs, they understand events and they’re an extension of our team.”

“Our clients were delighted”

Dave and his team have received great feedback from their clients as Glisser suits their needs perfectly. The platform allows for sponsor opportunities,  external links and really keeps their delegates engaged – all key objectives for their clients.

The ICC Belfast work alongside their clients to commercialize their events through sponsorship opportunities. In traditional times this would have meant that sponsors could brand in-venue or across the city of Belfast.  As Glisser is a fully customizable platform,  a variety of sponsorship  elements  can now be built directly into their client’s event programs.

ICC Belfast is an international convention centre dedicated to delivering world-class conferences, exhibitions, gala dinners and banquets.

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