Michael Piddock, Founder & CEO
Michael Piddock, Founder & CEO

Our Story

Glisser may now be one of the world’s leading virtual and hybrid event platforms, but we didn’t start out that way… we go way back before virtual events were common place.

We started when our founder, Mike, realised that a lot of his marketing budget was being allocated to events, but it was really hard to measure whether that money was well spent.

Digital and adwords analytic tools set a high bar, PR measurement evolved from primitive column inches to ‘Advertising Value Equivalent’ and beyond, and everything could be connected into an all-powerful CRM and marketing technology stack.

Events were the blancmange of data-driven marketing

Events were still being measured based upon attendee numbers, calculated by how many unused name badges were left on the desk at the end of the event. They were being assessed using paper feedback forms because nobody filled in post event surveys.

One day, Mike calculated that typing the information from the paper feedback forms into the company CRM system would take his team 400 days.

And so Glisser was born – to turn events into experiences that would truly engage attendees and provide tools that could generate meaningful data insights.

Our customers started to use us at both in-person and hybrid events all over the world.  Fast forward to now, and the Glisser team have transformed our data-centric software to provide a high performance hybrid and virtual event platform.

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Glisser is a solution created by a marketer to solve a specific set of problems

As it turns out, Mike wasn’t alone. Forrester Research indicates that business-to-business companies spend, on average, nearly a quarter of their marketing budget on live and virtual events and conferences. That’s more than they spend anywhere else – digital, PR, advertising, agencies – everything.

And while in every one of these areas marketing technology has come on leaps and bounds, event technology was still in its infancy. Despite big budgets, even now very little is being spent measuring, analysing and proving event ROI.

And the new world of virtual and hybrid events is just at the beginning. There is so much potential to plug live events, be they virtual, hybrid or in-person, into the digital grid and prove the value they deliver.

At Glisser, we believe that the future of the event sector will see the widespread return of in-person events. And what we are really excited about is ensuring that these events are enhanced with synchronised and complimentary virtual components.

Team Glisser

Ideas are great but they are ten a penny. Creating a slick product and delivering client-pleasingly great service takes a team. The G Team.

We’re now spread across three offices, but the single most important thing we look for when we hire is culture fit.

Run on Microsoft Azure, our product runs seamlessly during live events, day-in day-out, in front of audiences of hundreds of thousands. Event managers are famed for having the ‘Fifth Most Stressful Job In The World’ after soldiers and the emergency services, so it’s our job to take away some of that stress. Team Glisser is calm under pressure. We’re problem solvers. We’re innovative and we’re team players.

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Speaking of our team, we’re forever on the look-out for great, hard-working people, and we are growing extremely fast.

Our culture really is incredible with new starters always remarking just how welcoming and progressive we are. Visit our join page to find out what roles are available today.

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