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Responsive Website
Responsive Website

Create meetings & events your audiences will love, wherever they are.

Glisser’s technology platform enables companies to power engaging meeting and event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, face-to-face, online, and in-between.

The world of work and events have changed forever – and the way you engage your employees and attendees needs to change too.

Glisser offers a hybrid solution with engagement at the core, enabling companies to achieve a 20-40% increase in revenue. Professionals are now participating in 7 video calls a day on average – how do you make your event stand out from the crowd?

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Virtual meetings & events

The Glisser platform has been developed by event-industry veterans to go beyond basic video and screen sharing tech, to power inspiring, high participation events of any size.

From the moment they enter, your attendees can be asked to contribute to the event through our unmatched engagement tools.

Attendees can move around your event as they choose, watching and interacting with presentations on single or multiple stages in real time. They can enter sponsored content hubs or breakout rooms optimized for maximum engagement, and can even access your content on-demand after your event for as long as you decide.

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Virtual Events
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Events that blend virtual & in-person

Since 2016 we’ve been leading the way with an audience-first approach to company events.

Glisser brings together an all-purpose, entirely customizable, virtual venue with a suite of tools to unify the event experience for all attendees, wherever they are.

Inspire, engage and bring people together – our unique approach to slide and content sharing means every attendee, whether in-person or online, experiences content in its intended format.

The result is a more immersive experience that audiences will stick around for. Plus you benefit from a single, real-time data platform for all your participation analytics.

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Hybrid Events
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Professional services

All events are different, so we have a menu of options to enable you to pick and choose what you need to deliver your event with confidence. Our client support team is always on hand to help provide:

  • Setup and training
  • Event platform project management
  • Technical event execution
  • Consultancy & inspiration

With Glisser your support service is made to measure with full transparency on deliverables and pricing.

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News & Updates

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Protecting Your Virtual Event Attendee Data – hosted by ad Age & Glisser

Vanessa Lovatt will be joined by Jesse Holt from Becker on December 14 to explore the challenges of data protection and choosing an event tech partner you can trust.

Zoom fatigue
Blog: How to Combat Video Conferencing Fatigue

With hybrid working here for the long-haul, leaders, marketers and communications teams need to rethink how they deliver to stakeholders in both the real and virtual worlds.

Press Release: Glisser announces Brightcove as a launch partner for Glisser Elements

Brightcove named a launch partner for Glisser Elements, the low-code solution for fully customizable virtual events that can be embedded anywhere.